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        Factory introduction

        Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. was founded in 1931 and has a development history of nearly 80 years. It is a backbone enterprise in China's mechanical and electronic industry and a large second-grade national enterprise. The registered capital of the company is RMB 50,000,000. It is one of the largest industrial boiler design and manufacturing factories in China with a large scale, a complete variety, a large production capacity and a high degree of specialization. The company has 512 employees, including 165 professional and technical personnel. The factory covers an area of ??193,700 square meters and a building area of ??163,400 square meters.
        The company is an enterprise that has obtained the American "ASME" standard certification and has ASME stamps and A-level boiler manufacturing licenses; it designs and manufactures boilers that meet the British (Lloyd's Register) specifications. As early as 1991, it passed the ISO9001 international quality certification system. In China, it has successively won the Golden Dragon Award for New Products issued by the State Economic Commission, the International Quality Product Award from the Ministry of Machinery, and the National Quality Silver Award. Our company's products have won the title of Shanghai high-quality energy-saving products and the title of Shanghai famous brand products for many times, and won the title of Shanghai high-tech enterprise. In particular, the entire series of CS brand oil (gas) boilers from 30HP to 1000HP jointly produced by China and the United States have won the certificate of first-class product from the Ministry of Machinery. In 1986, the company introduced a complete set of oil (gas) boiler technology from COMSAI in the United States. This product adopts the international standard (ISO9001) and the certification of foreign advanced standards (ASME), and has the world's advanced level. Exported to Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions.
        Our company is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, and the output value of high-tech products accounts for more than 92% of the total output value. One of the coal boilers has won the National Silver Award, and three of them have won the title of high-quality products from the former Ministry of Machinery Industry.
        For more than 80 years, our employees have carried forward the enterprise spirit of "hard work, dedication, innovation and perfection", and made contributions to the development of industrial boilers in my country. In the new era of reform and opening up, our company is dedicated to serving all walks of life, not only providing customers with satisfactory industrial boilers and pressure vessel products, but also providing one-stop service from boiler room design to installation and commissioning, as well as spare parts and product life. Maintenance services, providing skill training for stokers. The tenet of our company is "use the pot products without worries", and implement a full range of services to the society.

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