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        Structural requirements of pulverized coal boiler for furnace

        The structural requirements of the pulverized coal boiler for the furnace:
        1. Arrange the burner reasonably to make the fuel ignite quickly: there is a good aerodynamic field in the furnace to make the heat load of each wall uniform; it is necessary to make the flame full in the furnace and reduce the dead zone of airflow. And don't let the flames rush to the wall and slag.
        2. The furnace must have a volume and height to ensure the residence time of the fuel in the furnace and combustion.
        3. Appropriate evaporative heating surfaces can be arranged to meet the requirements of boiler capacity: the temperature of the flue gas at the furnace outlet is appropriate to ensure that the heating surface does not form slagging and work safely after the protection of the chamber.
        4. The furnace structure is compact, and the amount of metal and other materials is small; it is easy to manufacture, install, operate and maintain.
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