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        Maintenance of biomass boilers in winter

        In winter, if the biomass boiler must be stopped, you must remember to drain all the water inside the boiler, so that the temperature can be reasonably prevented from being too cold, causing the pipeline to freeze. , Before shutting down the furnace, it must be filled with oil and water, because water maintenance can reasonably avoid air oxidation of its pipeline.
        Biomass boilers must carry out reasonable and effective maintenance during the period of shutdown. The annual review and maintenance of the boiler must be reasonably checked for the loosening of the manhole nuts, entry holes and head holes. , the equipment is a boiler that uses a low-cost cleaning and environmental protection method.
        Biomass boilers are generally used in medium and large-scale mechanical equipment, so the occurrence of noise during operation cannot be prevented. The root cause is the noise of gas driving force, and vortices appear in the fluid gas in the equipment. Work stress can cause genetic mutations.
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