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        How to deal with boiler dust

        After the boiler has been used for a period of time, it will inevitably generate some smoke and dust. If it is not eliminated as soon as possible, it will cause great inconvenience.
        Some substances formed in the boiler will cause serious damage to the air, such as fly ash, carbon black, and sulfur and nitrogen. . How to deal with this harmful substance? In fact, if the boiler is working, the technicality is slightly changed, such as pre-ignition solution, improvement of new technology of ignition, subsequent dust removal, flue gas desulfurization, etc. If only a tall and large chimney is used, it will only improve the natural environment around the boiler, but cannot reduce the environmental pollution of the entire air caused by exhaust emissions.
        The commonly used method to solve boiler dust is to use gravity and inertia moment to settle and separate some coarser particles under the action of this force, but we also use some auxiliary equipment, such as electrostatic induction precipitator , cloth bag filter devices, they all have a high practical effect of dust removal. Shrinking water dust collectors are also used, which mainly use water to stick fly ash, and then achieve the actual effect of dust removal.
        In fact, some people have already used the ash produced by boilers to turn harmful ones into beneficial ones. For example, many people use ash to make building decoration materials such as concrete and bricks; there are also hollow glass microstructures in fly ash. Beads are also a very practical thermal insulation material.
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