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        Introduction of waste heat boiler

        The waste heat boiler consists of a drum, a fume hood for themed activities, a flue at the mouth of the furnace, an inclined 1-stage flue, an inclined 2-stage flue, the last 1-stage flue, the last 2-stage flue, and the feeding pipe (opening chute) trough , Oxygen grab, nitrogen sealing equipment and nitrogen sealing plug, entry hole, differential pressure pressure equipment, rubber support and bracket of the flue, etc.
        The waste heat boiler is divided into six circulation system circuits. Each circulation system circuit is composed of a lowering pipe and a rising pipe. The water supply and drainage of each section of the flue is introduced from the drum according to the lowering pipe to the full box of each flue, and then enters each heating pipe. On the surface, the water causes steam to enter the inlet drum according to the heating surface, and then is introduced into the drum through the riser. The middle of each flue is connected by flange.
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